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Parliament unanimously approves draft law on the status of local elected officials

The parliament approved this Monday, unanimously and in general, the proposal for a law on the Statute of the Holders of Autarchic Organs, plus one of the diplomas that integrates the Municipal Legislative Package, under discussion for a year.


The diploma was generally approved at the 6th Extraordinary Plenary Meeting of the National Assembly by 198 votes in favor, no votes against and no abstentions.

The proposed law applies only to the elected bodies of the municipalities, that is, those who are elected (Mayor and Mayor and Vice-Mayor of the Municipal Assembly) and enshrines their rights and duties, as well as incompatibilities, impediments, liability crimes, among others.

The members of the City Council and the Municipal Assembly are subject to "legislation on public probity and other legal instruments for the control of wealth under the terms of the law" and are civilly and criminally responsible for the actions and omissions they practice in the exercise of their functions and will be supported in legal proceedings resulting from these functions and provided that no fraud or negligence is proven.

The functions of the mayors are incompatible with other remunerated activities, but members of the Municipal Assembly whose function is, as a rule, voluntary, may perform other activities, and must report them to the Municipal Assembly, at the first meeting after the beginning of the term or prior to taking up duties in non-municipal activities.

Last week, the National Assembly unanimously approved the proposal for a Law on the Transfer of Attributions and Competences from the State to Local Authorities.

With the approval of this law, the tasks and responsibilities to be transferred, in the first phase, to local authorities are defined, within the constitutionally provided framework.

Within the legislative package, the Organic Law on Local Power, the Organic Law on the Organization and Functioning of Local Authorities, the Law on Administrative Protection, the Organic Law on Municipal Elections and the Law on the Transfer of Attributions and Competences from the State to Local Authorities have already been approved.