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Government remodeling is "of little use" in people's lives, says analyst

Political analyst Herlander Napoleão devalued the impact of the government's reshuffle, announced on Monday by the President of the Republic, on people's lives and argued that the exoneration of the head of diplomacy will "pinch" the external image.


"This coronavirus pandemic leaves Angola, and not only all the world states, in a position of vulnerability. And whenever the Angolan government is involved in some controversy and in some social contest, circus measures must always be created to entertain the population" , said university professor Herlander Napoleão in statements to Lusa, considering that it was for this reason that the President introduced the new executive this week.

For the political analyst, the global pandemic caused by the covid-19 came to "unmask African governments, namely the Angolan ones", not least because the poorest part of the population is not even able to store food, "so everyone has to go to the street the days".

Admitting that the Government "had to be reduced because of expenses", such as cars, travel, wages and secretaries, he considered, however, that the remodeling done, although it has some "injection of new blood" does not make Angolans feel which can be reflected "in the life of the population." Thus, "I think they are measures that in fact are of little use", he stressed.

In the opinion of the political analyst and professor at Universidade Lusíada, the major surprises of the remodeling are the dismissal of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Manuel Augusto, and the appointment of Minister of a mega-ministry, which brings together Environment, Culture and Tourism, by Adjany Costa , 30 years old, a "young biologist" who won a United Nations award for the most distinguished environmentalists last year.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is an important ministry, not only for the internal image, but especially for the country's external image (...). He is a minister with a lot of sensitivity", so his exoneration "in a way pinches the external image of Angola, because it shows that there is a very strong instability here ", he said.

"It was a very big surprise" the replacement of the head of diplomacy in Angola by his secretary of state, because "it is a very important ministry for the country and even because of the relationship that existed between the two, and because of several disputes that the country passed, namely Luanda Leaks' and also the case of engineer Manuel Vicente ", he reinforced.

In addition, it is a ministry that now assumes even greater relevance in issues related to economic diplomacy and attracting investment.

On the other hand, in the analyst's opinion, "the Minister of Foreign Affairs must be a man of the political confidence of the President of the Republic", and Herlander Napoleão doubts that Teta António, the new minister, is.

"Manuel Augusto meddled in matters of other countries, in such a way that sometimes it even gave the impression that he was the President of the Republic", he commented.

In his opinion, in terms of diplomacy the now exonerated minister has done "nothing serious". It was internal issues that led to his dismissal.

As for the new Minister for the Environment, what "causes a certain stir here (..) is her age (...) and on social networks her capacity has been very much questioned."

In the analyst's opinion, the President is betting a lot on younger executives, however, for some portfolios, at this moment that the country is going through "it should choose people with more experience".

For Herlander Napoleão, the State Budget will have to undergo "a review with the fall of the oil barrel" to see if "the public sector, the biggest employer, can survive".

Therefore, he defended, the new executive "will have to make a very serious reform".

Even so, the analyst anticipates that "Angola will face great difficulties, because there is no money".


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