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"Heroes of the Bar", Refriango's initiative to help the restaurant open doors

To help the restoration rise again, after closing doors more than a month ago due to covid-19, Refriango decided to launch the "Heroes of the Bar" initiative. Basically, the project will serve to provide financial support to this sector, which has experienced a reduction of around 80 per cent in its turnover.


The operation of this initiative is quite simple: customers only have to buy a voucher, worth five thousand kwanzas. This voucher must be purchased during this quarantine phase.

When the country returns to its normal operation and the cafes, bars and restaurants open again, customers will be able to use the voucher and enjoy a 50 percent discount on what they consume.

According to the Platinaline, the voucher will be worth 10,000 kwanzas to customers in restaurants. Customers contribute half of this amount and the remaining five thousand kwanzas are supported by Refriango.

In a first phase, 1000 vouchers will be made available, which can be purchased through direct payment or from Tupuca and Waiter platforms.

Restaurants, bars and cafés interested in receiving this support will have to join the initiative. To do so, they can send an e-mail to to find out what they should do to join.