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Alicia Danara: "Being a digital Angolan influence is like building a new path to follow"

At just 21, Alicia Danara has already won over many people. It is through social networks that she does what she likes the most. She didn't always want to be a digital influence, but the world of Youtube opened doors for her. Alicia has over 25,000 Instagram followers and almost 20,000 subscribers on Youtube. Get to know the daily life of one of the - still - few digital influencers in Angola.


Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who's Alicia?

I'm a Christian, Angolan, 21 years old, engaged and a psychology student.

When and how did the idea to work with social networks come up? Have you always wanted to be a digital influence?

I didn't always want to be a digital influence, actually it was a consequence of being YouTuber. I started with YouTube because I was very blessed by certain videos I watched and then I decided to give back from the same platform.

Were there any or some digital influencers that aroused your passion for the profession?

As I said, the digital influence part came without me "deciding". However, I always had Fabíola Melo as my inspiration, who is a Brazilian Christian youtuber.

How do the backstage of your work work work? Basically, explain us how you manage your time, the partnerships with the brands, how the creative process of the creative contents you produce works, etc.

The backstage is very varied according to the day and the agenda. I usually have the things I need to do organized on a weekly basis. Usually over the days I dedicate myself first to producing and then editing and publishing. The creative process is difficult to define, but I always try to be myself, to keep my nature instead of adjusting to the standards that already exist in the world of digital content creation. The ideas come to my mind, I always visualize the final result and go in search of it.

Do you have followers from all over the world or is the community only from Angola?

My audience is mostly Angolans, many are in Angola, some are spread around the world. But surely there are a considerable number of people from the various Portuguese speaking countries. Curiously, the minority are Portuguese, which is where I find myself living.

What's it like to be a digital Angolan influence? Is it recognised in public?

It's been frequent to be recognized in public, yes! Being a digital Angolan influence is like building a new path to follow because no matter how hard we try to adapt to other digital content creation markets, Angola has a unique way of doing things. I'm also trying to do things my way, it's not easy but every day the horizons expand more and more!

Tell us a ridiculous story that has already happened to you in the preparation of your work or in a meeting with a fan.

I happen to be very prepared to take pictures and not have a photographer available! I live with my brothers and sisters and they are not always willing to sacrifice because it is not easy. I have to be making my guts the heart to get many of the pictures I have published today, I even broke the lens of my camera once when I was taking pictures alone because the wind made the tripod fall.

What are your favourite digital influences these days?

I don't have any favourite digital influences. I follow and admire the work of several young Angolans, like Yokana Cruz, Chelsea Benoliel, Andréia Reis, Mirinha Miguel, Eliane Costa, Débora and Cris, etc., are many!

As for future work, any surprises prepared?

I'm sure that 2020 reserves a lot of good things, but God knows what they are. In time I will also know and then share! I have nothing on paper but the prospect is that things will get better and better!

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