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New 5000 kwanza banknote presented that will begin circulating soon

The National Bank of Angola (BNA) presented, this Tuesday, the new 5000 kwanza note. According to the governor of the BNA, Tiago Dias, this note, belonging to the 2020 series, “could enter circulation from one moment to the next”.


These new notes, with an issue date of November 2023, are not a replacement for those already in circulation, as, according to the governor, "all notes from the 2020 series, regardless of their issue date, naturally continue to be in circulation".

"These notes are all part of the same family and can only stop circulating when a new kwanza family is approved by the National Assembly. Until this happens, all notes from the 2020 series, regardless of their date of issue, will naturally continue to be in circulation", he clarified.

"The entry into circulation of the 5000 note from this most recent issue, (...) could enter into circulation from one moment to the next, it is just a matter of management of the National Bank of Angola and, depending on the needs, we will be able to put this note into circulation", he added, quoted by Rádio Nacional de Angola (RNA).

Among the novelties of this new note is the improvement and reinforcement of the note's security elements, aiming to combat counterfeiting of notes. 

"Last year, we recorded 2500 counterfeit banknotes(...). Whenever there is counterfeiting of banknotes, this is a worrying issue for the central bank, but it still seems insignificant to us, given that we have 500 million notes in circulation in different denominations. It is also obvious that counterfeits essentially affect the note with the highest face value and, in our case, the 5000 kwanza note, which is why we also believe that we should reinforce the security elements of this denomination", he stated, quoted by RNA.

Sebastião Banganga, director of the BNA's Currency Department, explained that these new 5000 kwanza notes have "enhanced security elements".

Thus, he listed some characteristics that differentiate the November 2023 issue note from the 2020 issue note. "On the 5000 kwanza note issued in 2020 we have the security thread superimposed, in the November 2023 issue this security thread was introduced in an interlaced manner. Furthermore, the bakama mask has slightly lighter tones, on the note from the November 2023 issue, the tones of the bakama mask are already a little stronger", he pointed out, quoted by RNA.

In addition to these characteristics, he added, "in the note issued in 2023, the fiduciary role has already had some improvements".

Sebastião Banganga also reinforced that banknotes issued in 2020 and those issued in 2023 will circulate simultaneously.

Remember that last week, the BNA put new 1000 and 2000 kwanza notes into circulation.


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