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UNITA denounces in parliament alleged death threat to deputy

UNITA's parliamentary group will present to the National Assembly information on death threats that have targeted a deputy.


The denunciation was made by the deputy of the parliamentary group of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), Monteiro Eliseu, when speaking in the national Umbundu language, in the plenary this Wednesday, having been later asked to translate it into Portuguese, official language of Angola, by the President of the National Assembly, Carolina Cerqueira.

Carolina Cerqueira asked the UNITA parliamentary group for clarification, as “information was given during the session regarding the attack against the integrity of a deputy”.

"We would like UNITA's bench to be clearer and inform us effectively what it is about", she exhorted.

On the subject, the vice-president of the UNITA parliamentary group, Mihaela Weba, informed that written information will be submitted to the president of the National Assembly “about what happened with deputy Peregrino Huambo Chindondo”.

The president of parliament insisted on clarification, given the fact that the session was being broadcast live and it was not convenient to “leave suspicions in the air”.

“It was said publicly here, the session is being broadcast to the public, we cannot leave suspicions in the air, we think that even if we write to the President of the National Assembly, the plenary has the right to know what is going on, it is a deputy”, he stressed.

Responding to the request, the UNITA deputy, Américo Chivukuvuku, said that the matter was raised in the session with the aim of “calling the attention of the competent authorities and national and international public opinion about the serious problems that plague the country”.

“Reaffirming that Angola is a democratic State of law and we hope - and this is our concern - that this premise should not only be theoretical, but has to be translated into practice and into the day-to-day lives of citizens, the which is not [done]”, he said.

“We believe that people's lives and the dignity of the human person are above everything else, there are a variety of cases that have been evoked here, including this one”, he added.

According to Américo Chivukuvuku, deputy Isidro Peregrino Huambo Chindondo and UNITA leader Abílio Kamalata Numa saw their physical and moral integrity threatened.

“It is important to mention that they have already implemented the measures leading to the State bodies about what is going on and the proof of all this is that the honorable general Numa, a member of the UNITA board, was even urged to respond to the Attorney General's Office. of the Republic about facts that are not real, that are not true”, he highlighted.

Américo Chivukuvuku reaffirmed that the information will be made in writing to parliament, with the position taken serving to draw attention to the very serious problems in the country, “where unequal treatment, discrimination, exclusion continues to be a reality and goes against the primacy of law and the Constitution”.

Carolina Cerqueira said that she will wait for the information to be sent in writing, so that measures can be taken in accordance with the law.

“And we also wanted to reiterate that any concern linked to the attempt on human life is also our concern. The security, stability, protection of deputies belongs to all elected deputies and we will take the measures that are urgent so that stability, respect and common sense reign in this house of laws”, he stressed.

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