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Wood produced in Uige goes beyond borders and is exported to European and American markets

The wood from Uige province has traveled beyond borders and is already present in European and American markets. According to the logger Samuel Pumba, the main buyer of national wood is Turkey. The United States, Spain and China are also on the list of buyers.


"Our focus is Turkey. We send to Turkey, but we don't forget that we also have clients in the United States, we have clients in Spain, we have clients in China," Samuel Pumba said in statements to Rádio Nacional de Angola (RNA).

The responsible also made it known that a contract has already been signed with Italy: "We recently signed a contract with Italy. I believe that we will also supply in Italy," he said.

The logger revealed that 500 cubic meters of wood are exported per month. "We have as a goal this year to reach our export in the minimum ceiling of 3500 cubic meters," he indicated.

The daily production capacity of the raw product is 150 cubic meters, he said. "We process 150 cubic meters of the raw product and we process 30 cubic meters of the first wood," he said.