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Economic agents import products in bulk to pack in the country from June

Commercial agents are going to import a series of products in bulk in the next 90 days, to encourage the relaunch and promotion of the packaging and packaging industry, informed the Government.


The measure follows an executive decree from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Angola, to which Lusa had access, for importing in 'big bags' (large packages) for bulk products.

With the entry into force of the diploma, on the 17th of this month, products such as sugar, rice, wheat and corn flours, beans, powdered milk, edible oil, animal feed, coarse and refined salt, semolina are subject to this packaging . wheat, pork, beef, margarine and soap.

The law establishes exceptions for rice, beans, in packages weighing between one and five kilograms, wheat and maize flour, sugar, salt and preserved fruits or vegetables in packages of one kilogram, powdered milk in packages of one to 2.2 kilograms and cooking oil in packages of one liter.

The present diploma only applies on a transitory basis to the import of canned fruit and vegetables, powdered detergents and tomato paste, as of January 1, 2022.

In a note, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry stressed that the measure will generate important gains for the country and the population in general, since the products will be imported at lower prices, in addition to leveraging the emergence of many small and medium-sized companies. packaging and logistics industries, generating many jobs.

"Among the multiple advantages of applying this decree, which puts Angola even more in line with the best international practices in terms of food trade and distribution, it is important to highlight the savings in foreign exchange, both in the purchase of products and in the fact that packaging will start to be executed in Angola ", underlined the note.

According to the document, there is already an important installed capacity in the country, capable of responding to this challenge that will bring great benefits to the consumer, who will now have a series of products in quantities and measures more adjusted to their power. purchase.