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Executive prioritizes bulk import to relaunch packaging industry

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce encouraged the relaunch and promotion of the packaging industry and packaging of products that are still imported in a finished form.


To this end, Executive Decree 63/21 was approved and published on the 17th of this month, which defines the new rules on the import of pre-packaged products.

According to a statement sent to VerAngola by the ministry, this Decree establishes that imports of a series of clearly identified products must, within 90 days, be made in bulk (big bags of at least one ton), passing the packaging and / or packaging process to be done in the country.

According to the Government, this measure will generate "important gains for the country and the population in general", since the products will be imported at lower prices, in addition to leveraging the emergence of small and medium packaging and logistics industries, generating work stations.

Among the advantages of applying this Decree, which puts Angola more in line with international practices in terms of Food Trade and Distribution, the document also highlights the savings in foreign exchange, both in the purchase of products, and in the fact that packaging operations become be carried out in Angola.

The State says it has the support of operators / importers, and an already important installed capacity, capable of responding to this "challenge" that aims to bring great benefits to the consumer, who will now have a series of products in quantities and measures more adjusted to their purchasing power.

Without prejudice to the rules of the market, in its paragraph 2 of article 4, this Decree safeguards the licensing of imports, in small packages, of certain products in specific cases.