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Webcor Group to produce pasta in Angola

The Webcor Group will start producing pasta in Angola. The company, linked to the agro-industrial sector and based in Switzerland, signed an agreement with AP Foods Indústria Alimentar that "will increase the production of pasta" in the country.


In a statement sent to VerAngola, the Webcor group said that this agreement would also make it possible to distribute pasta "in all types of commercial surfaces" and diversify the supply of products available on the market.

Cited in the note, the administrations of the two companies admit that this agreement is "particularly important, not only because it will contribute to the diversification of production and the generation of wealth in Angola, but also because it will enable the creation of more jobs, both direct and indirect in the country.

They also add that the contract will allow the companies to be recognized, soon, "as producers and distributors of a product of excellence and quality.

"With this new partnership, both companies will make the most of the currently installed capacity of 108,000 tons/year and the technical skills they have, combined with the logistical capacity of the Webcor Group in terms of the sale and distribution of food products," the note states, adding that the partnership will also allow AP Foods to reach, in 2022, a "production of 325,000 tons/year, as well as integrate a large part of the value chain and diversify the supply of products to the market."

AP Foods was created in 2016, "the year in which it started with an installed capacity of 20,000 tons/year," and "currently has about 150 direct jobs."

Swiss Webcor is a family-owned group that owns several "companies specializing in sourcing, agriculture, production and distribution of food and FMCG products."

It has been open since 1978 and has "a workforce of about 3000 people worldwide, and a network of more than 120 points of sale in Africa.

The group is very present in Angola, "through its subsidiaries Angoalissar, Grandes Moagens de Angola, Lactiangol, Imex Indústria, among others.