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Peace Day: João Lourenço holds lunch with historic figures of the National Liberation Struggle

As part of the commemorations for the Day of Peace and National Reconciliation, which will take place next Sunday, the President of the Republic will have lunch with several historical figures of the National Liberation Struggle.


The lunch will take place on Friday, April 2, in the Garden of the Presidential Palace, Angop reported, citing a note from the President's Civil House.

The list of guests, to which Rádio Nacional de Angola (RNA) had access, includes the names of Vice President Bornito de Sousa, Isaías Samakuva, Amadeu Amorim, Abreu Muengo Kamorteiro, Miraldina Jamba, Ngola Kabango and Armando da Cruz Neto.

Santana André Pitra Petroff, Tony da Costa Fernandes, Roberto de Almeida, Paulo Tchipilica and Alexandre Rodrigues "Kito" will also be at the lunch.

According to RNA, among the guests for the lunch are also the names of António dos Santos França "Ndalu", Francisco Magalhães Paiva "Nvunda", Hermínio Escórcio, Benigno Vieira Lopes "Ingo", Diogo Ventura, Jorge Valentim, João Luís Neto "Xietu", São José Condessa de Carvalho "Toka", Lopo Fortunato do Nascimento, José Tchiwale, Julião Mateus Paulo "Dino Matross", Luzia Inglês "Inga" and Lucas Não Dá.

On April 4, the country celebrates the Day of Peace and National Reconciliation, the date on which a long lasting war was put to an end, through the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding to the Lusaka Protocol, signed between the Government and UNITA.