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Angola rises in the ‘Women in politics’ ranking but there is still a long way to go

Since 2017, Angola has risen 18 places in the “Women in politics: 2021” ranking, a joint initiative of the organizations Interparliamentary Union (UIP) and UN Women. The list is led by Nicaragua, where the government has 10 ministers out of a total of 17 ministries.

: Expansão

Despite the rise in the ranking, make a mistake if you think that Angola will now have more women with leadership positions in the Government. In fact, there is less. However, the ministerial overhaul carried out by President João Lourenço - who dictated the elimination of 14 mysteries - has increased female representation at ministerial level in recent years.

Thus, Angola now occupies the 48th place in the ranking, according to Expansão. It is recalled that in 2017, under the leadership of José Eduardo dos Santos, the country had eight ministers, in a government composed of 36 ministries. The female representation was thus 22.2 percent, which placed Angola in the 66th position on the map.

With João Lourenço at the helm, the country rises in 2019 to the 31st position of the ranking, with 11 ministers and a female representation of 34.4 percent. In 2020, the upward trend to 26th position was maintained, with 12 ministers and a 40 percent representation. However, in 2021 the number of ministers was reduced to seven, after the last government remodeling.

As far as the parliamentary level is concerned, in 2017 Angola had 85 deputies to the National Assembly (220 seats), having dropped to 65 deputies in 2021.

Regarding the African continent, the list is led by Rwanda, which has 17 women in a government of 31 ministers.

At the world level, Nicaragua leads (10 ministers in 17 ministries), followed by Cuba and the United Arab Emirates.