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Rui Falcão returns to the position of secretary for MPLA Information

The Political Bureau of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), appointed Rui Falcão de Andrade as the new secretary for Information and Propaganda of political formation.


The information is contained in a final statement, to which Lusa had access, of the meeting held on Wednesday, under the guidance of the MPLA leader, who analyzed the political, economic and social situation in the country.

Rui Falcão, who was exonerated this month from the governor of the province of Benguela, takes on this role for the second time, which he also had between 2009 and 2013.

In addition to Rui Falcão, Yolanda dos Santos, secretary of the Political Bureau for State Reform, Public Administration and Municipalities, Albino Carlos, who was the party's secretary for Information and Propaganda, secretary of the Political Bureau for Social Policy, and Virgílio de Fontes Pereira, president of the MPLA parliamentary group, functions that he will also exercise, for the second time, between 2012 and 2017.

The Political Bureau welcomed the presidential initiative to revise the Constitution in order to "preserve social stability and consolidate the fundamental values ​​of the democratic rule of law".

At the meeting, the statement emphasizes, the theme "Agriculture and Fisheries in the process of diversification of the Angolan economy - results and perspectives" was approved, to be present at the fifth ordinary session of the Central Committee of the party, considering agriculture and fisheries as decisive sectors for the stabilization of the populations in the rural environment, in the promotion of employment, in the fight against hunger, in the reduction of poverty, as well as in the process of economic and social diversification of the country.

"The Political Bureau recommended that the executive capitalize on the potential of agriculture and fisheries, maximizing the application of human, financial and material resources and investments in infrastructure", reads the document, which also recommends greater support for family farming and national agents in the sector.

Regarding the internal life of the party, the draft annual activity report and the activity report of the discipline and audit committee, developed in 2020, and the report on the execution of the general budget of the party, to be submitted to the next meeting of the Central Committee.

The state of preparation, organization and realization of the organic process of the 7th ordinary congress of the Organization of Angolan Women (OMA), the women's organization of the party, which runs until Saturday, as well as the general plan of activities of the subcommittees of work of the national commission preparatory work for the 8th ordinary MPLA congress were also considered and approved.