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Angola LNG project is responsible for producing 90 percent of the gas consumed in the country

More than half the gas (LPG) consumed in the country is already produced by the Angola LNG project. According to a report from the Oil Derivatives Regulatory Institute, Angola LNG already produces 90 percent of the gas consumed, while the remaining 10 percent is produced by the Luanda and Topping Refineries, in Cabinda.


The report, cited by Expansão, also showed that sales of this fuel are led by Sonangol subsidiary Sonagás. According to the document, the company represents 81.9 percent of the gas sales market.

The remaining 18 percent is divided among three companies: Saigás, Gastem and Canhongo Gás.

In terms of LPG consumption, Luanda tops the list, with more than half (61 percent) of Luandans using this fuel. In second place in the table comes the province of Benguela (10 percent) followed by Huila (6 percent). The provinces of Huambo and Cabinda also come close to the podium.

All told, the five provinces mentioned above account for about 81 percent of the country's gas consumption, while the remaining 18 percent is spread across the 13 remaining provinces, Expansão said.

The Angola LNG project stems from a partnership between Sonangol and companies Chevron, BP, Eni and Total. It is considered to be one of the largest investments in the country's oil and gas sector, with US$12 billion having been invested.

The partnership allows Angola LNG to collect and process gas, as well as deliver annually about 5.2 million tons of Liquefied Natural Gas to the global market. The project, which also supplies this fuel to the domestic market, also produces propane, butane and condensate.