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State stakes in Cuca, Eka and Ngola sold in public tender

A public tender was opened with presidential authorization for the privatization of State stakes in the Cuca, Eka and Ngola breweries.


Order 35/20, dated March 3, orders the creation of a negotiating commission that will monitor the sale of state stakes in breweries: 1 percent in Cuca, 4 percent in Eka and 1 percent in Ngola, advances the New Journal.

By presidential order, signed by President João Lourenço, the opening of a public tender for the privatization of several industrial units located in the Special Economic Zone is also authorized. They are Ndupackage (metal packaging), Betonar (prefabricated and prestressed concrete), Galvanang (hot dip galvanizing), Inducarpin (carpentry), Induplás (plastic bags), Indutive (paints and varnishes), Mangotal (towers Pipeline (PVC tubes), Telhafal (metal tiles), Transplas (PVC fittings), Vedatela (wire fences), Absor (absorbents) and Saciango (cement bags).

Another public tender was opened for the privatization of the Modular Slaughterhouse in Malanje, Fridge of Namibe warehouse, Caconda Silos Complex, Longa Farm (Cuando Cubango), Pungo Andongo Farm (Malanje), Quizenga Farm (Malanje) and Farm do Cubal (Benguela).

Vera Daves, Finance Minister, will have the authority to approve the parts of the tender procedure. The governor will also appoint the Negotiation Commissions, verify the validity and legality of all acts performed in the tender and adjudicate on proposals for the conclusion of contracts.