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Directors of the teachers' union meet this Wednesday to analyze the Government's proposal

The board of the National Union of Teachers (Sinprof) will meet this Wednesday to analyze "in depth" the proposal presented by the Government, for a 12.5 percent increase in subsidies, which "does not satisfy".


The secretary general of Sinprof, Admar Jinguma, considered, in statements this Wednesday to the Lusa agency, that the meeting held on Tuesday with the Government did not produce "very encouraging" results.

According to Admar Jinguma, after a proposal of 7.5 percent in the last meeting, the Government proposed another 5 percent, thus presenting a proposal of 12.5 percent, against the 22 percent requested by the union as a pedagogical innovation subsidy. This is a requirement that aims to level the situation of the class with other similar careers, he said.

"We understand that the Government can make more adjustments, because the justifications for financial limitations, which we are aware that the country has, in fact all countries have, are more visible when the teachers are the ones to complain", said the secretary general of the Sinprof.

Admar Jinguma stressed that the teachers' demands represent "only the reparation of an injustice, which has been committed against teachers for several years".

As an example, Admar Jinguma pointed out that a licensed teacher, with the same salary as a licensed nurse, both with a salary of 252,000 kwanzas, in the end the health professional earns a net salary of 298,000 kwanzas, while the teacher sees your income drops to 243 thousand kwanzas.

"But what are these differences? Why are teachers always relegated to a second position", he questioned.

According to the trade unionist, Sinprof understands that the Ministry of Education "has not been able to play its role in decision-making bodies".

The trade unionist stresses that current salaries discourage teachers and call into question the demand for higher quality education in Angola.

"If we want quality education in Angola, it will not be with these practices of underpaying teachers, underpaying teachers, we will never be able to demand from teachers the presentation of the results of their work, we will continue to have that maxim: the Government pretends to pay us and we pretend to work and that's exactly what will happen, because we are very unmotivated", he admitted.

Admar Jinguma added that after the meeting, Sinprof's management will meet with the provincials to analyze the government's proposal, the only one presented, stressing that in relation to the other structuring points of the list of claims, "as was to be expected, they did not find host".

"The teachers are waiting expectantly about what decisions we will take and in the next two days we will already have a definitive public position in relation to the proposals that were presented to us yesterday [Tuesday]", he said.

The teachers had given the Government a moratorium on submitting proposals for the 15-point claim booklet, presented in 2019, which led to the suspension of the third phase of the strike, which was scheduled to start on the 3rd of January.


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