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Authorities stop Chivukuvuku march invoking 1991 law

The authorities banned the march called by the leader of the political project PRA JA Servir Angola, Abel Chivukuvuku, invoking a 1991 law that is no longer in force and violating the Constitution, denounced the politician.


The PRA JA Servir Angola wanted to hold this Saturday, in Luanda, a short parade of less than one kilometer to "contact the population" and raise awareness of local authorities, the subject of a lecture held in the morning by the management of the political project.

"We notified the Provincial Government and received an unconstitutional note that prohibits us from walking. They allow the lecture, but do not allow us to be in contact with the citizen and claim the constitutional law of 1991, which is no longer in force. The right to circulate It's normal," he replied.

In the document addressed to PRA JA Servir Angola, the Provincial Government of Luanda (GPL) says that the request for the march was not authorized for "not meeting the requirements" of the law on the right to assembly and demonstration of 11 May 1991.

At issue was the disrespect for the timetable (before 1 pm on Saturday) and the indication of the route to follow (which, however, was included in the letter sent to the GPL, to which Lusa had access).

The GPL authorized, however, the lecture "because it is a closed place".

Chivukuvuku, who saw several attempts to legalize his political project unfeasible and was elected deputy on the lists of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) last year, underlined that, in this capacity, he intends to be close to those he represents, to " listen to the citizen, perceive the citizen's perspectives and the citizen's suffering".

And he added that the municipal elections in Angola should be held in the next two to three years, which is why he launched the campaign "Prepare local authorities by listening to the citizen".

The politician stated that he decided to "accept" the GPL guidelines because he realized that there would be "again violence (last Saturday, the police repressed a PRA-JA Servir Angola march using tear gas), but he will discuss the issue with "Because next week we will no longer accept it, we will be on the street again to talk to the citizen", he guaranteed.

He also stressed that according to the Constitution, the promoters of the march would only have to "inform" and not to be authorized, and that the 1991 law contradicts the Constitution so that "there is no basis" for the prohibition, considering the act " illegal".

"Citizens have the right to move wherever they want, we are not demonstrating against anyone, nor against the State, nor to demand anything, we just want to listen to the citizen. If we, who are deputies, cannot listen to the citizen, how is it what are we going to represent this citizen whose feelings we don't know", he questioned.

"The truth is that, as they lost Luanda in 2022, in the elections, they are afraid that this contact with the citizen will make them lose even more. They will lose again in 2027", said Abel Chivukuvuku.


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