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“Increase in national production will have to go through technology”, argues director of Agricultiva

The increase in national production, namely in rice, corn, wheat and soy crops, "will have to go through technology", defended the Business Development director of Agricultiva, a subsidiary company of the Mitrelli Group, during the V Conference on Agriculture, subordinated to to the theme "Agro-Industry, the Strategic Food Reserve (REA) and the reasons why we continue to depend on imports".


Addressing Angola's need to encourage national production to achieve sovereign autonomy in the food sector, João Germano e Silva highlighted the "important role of technology". "Our vision, and where we think we can help, is in technology. The Angolan government intends, by 2027, to multiply rice production by 20, corn by two, wheat by 20, soybean by 20, and the livestock sector by almost 20. Increasing productivity per hectare of these crops will be possible with technology", underlined the Director of Business Development at Agricultiva, a company that could bring "the technological component and the knowledge component to the equation and to the market transferred to the community".

For this, it will be necessary to adapt the technology to the market and provide training. "We have to create intrinsic conditions to take care of our production and not always depend on the outside", defended João Germano e Silva.

In his opening speech, the Minister of Agriculture, Engo António Francisco de Assis, highlighted the Samba Cajú project, implemented by Agricultiva, as one of the good examples of good practices and the path that must be followed for Angola to reach its objective in terms of food autonomy.

"It filled us with pride to hear the words of the Minister". It means that we are on the right track and doing a good job", praised the official, according to a statement sent to VerAngola.

The cereal production farm in Samba Cajú, has 2000 hectares of corn and soybean production, of which 1000 to 1500 hectares are irrigated from a dam with a capacity of 2,650,000 cubic meters and using central pivots, the remainder being rainfed cultivation area.

Samba Cajú is a project under the responsibility of the government, whose development is ensured by the Mitrelli Group, integrating the technology and knowledge of two of its subsidiaries, Agricultiva in the agricultural and livestock sectors, and Owini in the water sector.

The director of Agricultiva spoke at the round table "Notice 10 and the Promotion of National Production", which was also attended by the executive director of Corporate Banking at Standard Bank of Angola, Carolina Remísio, the CEO of Refriango, Diogo Caldas, and the Sanlam CEO, Philippe Alliali.

The event brought together specialists from agribusiness, producers, public and private managers, in particular from the financial sector, to assess the results of financing the productive sector, agricultural credit and programs to promote family farming and to strengthen distribution and marketing chains. .

"The balance of the event is quite positive. The purposes of this conference were achieved. We know that we have a very big challenge ahead of us, but we had present here elements of state organizations, representing the government, financial institutions, insurance, and companies like Agricultiva that share technology and know-how, which was very enriching", concluded João Germano e Silva.

Agricultiva is a subsidiary company of the Mitrelli Group, specialized in the planning and implementation of turnkey agricultural projects, in the public and private sectors. The company plans, builds and manages projects in several areas, from the creation of training centers for farmers, mobile education and training units, establishment of research and development centers in the agronomic area and large-scale agricultural and livestock projects.

Agricultiva's experience encompasses the sectors of fish farming, fruit and vegetable cultivation, cattle, beef and dairy cattle, goats, sheep and poultry, egg production and, in general, diversification and increase in production capacity and exports. of food and agricultural products. Agricultiva's projects range from establishing farms to training farmers, agricultural processing, marketing, packaging and selling produce.


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