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Luanda taxi drivers suspend strike after 60 percent of claims satisfied

The New Alliance of Taxi Drivers Association of Angola (ANATA) suspended the service stoppage scheduled for between 1 and 3 March, after 60 percent of the complaints submitted to the Government are satisfied, was announced this Friday.


The announcement of the stoppage of taxi drivers in Luanda was made on Thursday, to claim the poor state of the roads, their exclusion in public housing policies and microcredits for youth, as well as the behavior of agents of the Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) ).

According to ANATA's leader, Francisco Paciente, the strike has been suspended, but the association will follow millimetrically the work to recover the roads, the behavior of security forces agents, as well as the social inclusion of taxi drivers.

Francisco Paciente said that after several meetings with the authorities, in order to find an understanding between the taxi drivers and the Government, various means of dialogue and work on finding out the complaints presented by ANATA were made available.

"Looking at the issue of police excesses, there was a significant improvement, in the order of 80 percent, this is satisfactory for us, we are talking about the SIC and also the traffic police and public order", he said.

Regarding the poor state of the roads, Francisco Paciente said that verification visits were carried out by the Luanda Provincial Traffic and Mobility Office and the Luanda Administrative Commission, in two claimed areas, namely the Congolenses and Bairro Operário roads, where they start temporary maintenance works.

"In Viana today begins the verification visit between ANATA, the Provincial Traffic and Mobility Office and the local administration office of the municipality of Viana for the Hospital do Sono road and the Viana / Zango road, which can enter works also in the coming days ", he said.

According to Francisco Paciente, work will continue on Saturday, either in the Congolese area, or in the Bairro Operário and probably already in Viana.

"Therefore, we are pleased that the Government has accepted our requests, our positive pressure and in this way we have suspended the strike to assess the impact of what the Government's responses will be on what our complaints are," said Francisco Patient, highlighting the dialogue that prevailed between ANATA and the Government.