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Opposition leaves parliament before CNE president takes office

The opposition left the parliament en bloc before the inauguration session of the president of the National Electoral Commission (CNE), Manuel Pereira da Silva "Manico". The deputies got up and left the room as a form of protest.


Before they left the Chamber, Members spared no criticism of Manico'. They questioned the "lack of civic propriety and probity", saying that the choice process was "proven to have been riddled with illegalities". These were some of the criticisms left by Members before they left the plenary.

The inauguration of Manuel Pereira da Silva was finally approved by the 111 MPLA members present at the session. There were no votes against or abstentions, as opposition parties - UNITA, CASA-CE, PRS and FNLA - left the room in protest, considering that "Manico" does not qualify for the post.

Before voting, FNLA deputy Lucas Ngondo argued that the president of the National Assembly should use his prerogatives by suspending the act of office so that the process could be reviewed.

Alberto Francisco Ngalanela, of UNITA, who spoke about "the serious consequences that could result in the legalization and legitimation of the act," said he had nurtured some hope, albeit remote, that the consensus would prevail "taking into account the new paradigm of observing probity and combating corruption.

However, the deputy considered that it was clear that "the new era does not extend to the provision of the office of president of the CNE and the electoral processes that this body conducts.

The deputy of the "Galo Negro" party criticized what he said was "the dictatorship of the parliamentary majority" of the MPLA, which said it had carried out an act resulting from "a corrupt process", because "there is no guarantee that the figure in question has moral probity", referring to not understanding the insistence of the ruling party on the candidate.

"With this insistence on the candidate Manuel Pereira da Silva, the aim was to compensate him for the relevant services rendered over the 15 years he was at the head of the Provincial Electoral Commission and that, perhaps, as a result of this, he avoided the electoral collapse of the MPLA in Luanda province", he questioned.

The independent deputy Lindo Bernardo Tito (ex-CASA-CE) pointed out, for his part, that there are formal questions related to legality, since for the appointment of the president of the CNE, the CSMJ has to respect criteria such as civil suitability, morality and probity, which he considered not to be met by the candidate.

It should be recalled that UNITA had already stated that it was against the inauguration of Manuel Pereira da Silva, and presented an injunction requesting the suspension of the selection of the elected president due to several irregularities in the competition for the position of president of CNE.


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