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Miradouro da Lua is the most visited tourist spot in Angola. Receives an average of 5000 visitors per month

Miradouro da Lua gained the title of the most visited tourist spot in Angola, receiving, on average, approximately 5000 visitors per month. The information was provided by the deputy general director of the National Institute for Tourist Promotion of Angola (Infotur), Alexandrina da Cunha, who said that in daily terms, after being rehabilitated in 2019, this site started to receive hundreds of national and foreign visitors daily.

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The person responsible, speaking to Jornal de Angola, also informed that around 40 thousand people visited Miradouro da Lua from 2022 to 2023.

Although the Miradouro da Lua stands out among the most visited places in the country, there are other points that also stand out, such as the Kalandula Falls (Malanje), the Fenda da Tundavala and the Serra da Leba (Huíla), as well as the Downtown Luanda Historic Area (with approximately 250 people visiting this downtown area weekly).

Taking stock of the year 2023, which she considered to be "very fruitful in terms of actions and approval of projects", the deputy general director of Infotur also recalled that the National Tourism Development Plan had the 'green light', as well as approved the assembly at Miradouro da Lua do Zip-line (Tirolesa).

As for 2024, the person in charge said that the institute intends to move forward with the construction and rehabilitation of more support infrastructures, the implementation of which of these initiatives "will contribute to the increase in jobs, the inflow of foreign currency and the greater circulation of the national currency in throughout the country, which will necessarily cause localities to develop with tourism".

Speaking to Jornal de Angola, Alexandrina da Cunha also considered that this act will contribute to promoting the country as "a recognized tourist destination".


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