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Company that helps Africans find jobs in Brazil plans to operate in Angola

Vem Bumbar, a pioneering agency specializing in human resources that helps African immigrants find jobs in Brazil, plans to start activities in Angola, Frederico Eurico, president and creator of the project, told Lusa.

: Facebook Vem Bumbar
Facebook Vem Bumbar  

Born in Luanda, Eurico said he emigrated to Brazil in 2013, at the age of 19, to study information technology and look for an opportunity for professional growth.

"I arrived here in 2013 and today I have a degree in computer networks and network engineering, but during my study period, for four years, I went through several problems, including finding a job", he said.

The African entrepreneur specified that the biggest problems he faced in the Brazilian job market were related to his training, adaptation to local culture, racial prejudice and xenophobia, difficulties that a few years later would inspire the creation of Vem Bumbar, a human resources platform that It serves African immigrants free of charge and is managed by you and other Angolans who live in São Paulo.

Officially launched in May last year, Vem Bumbar has already helped 25 immigrants to find a job in Brazil and has 800 subscribers, in addition to partnerships with institutions such as Associação Educafro, which works towards education and the inclusion of black people in the South American country.

Despite the modest numbers, the company also has plans to operate in Angola and, according to Frederico Eurico, it should launch its platform in the African country by next April.

"We are in contact with the Ministry of Youth [of Angola], we already have a very advanced contact, we even had contact with the national director of Youth. We are hoping that the ministry will help us and work in partnership with us to present the project within Angolan society", said the CEO of Vem Bumbar.

In Angola, the company will initially focus on acting as an employment agency aimed at helping young people who have not yet entered the job market and workers looking to increase their professional qualifications.

"I'm also thinking about creating a project called worker's school to offer training and professional courses for those who are already working and want to prepare themselves (...) and initiatives aimed at professionals in the area of human resources, who face problems in the day-to-day," he explained.

In Brazil, Vem Bumbar supports immigrants who are already in the country and offers professional training, information on documentation and courses, including acculturation workshops.

The person in charge said that the company helps African immigrants, for example, with information on how to behave in an interview, preparing CVs, information about Brazilian culture, and also publicizes job vacancies from partner companies that, if the immigrant is hired formed by the platform, pay a fee to the company.

Vem Bumbar also has training available in terms of racial re-education, which brings together a set of practices with the aim of deconstructing prejudiced ways of thinking based on race.

"Many companies want to hire an immigrant, but they don't know how to deal with these immigrants. (...) Our objective is to increase the number of employability and reduce the issue of prejudice", concluded Frederico Eurico.


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