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Country close to becoming an important gold producer in the Austral region

João Chimuco, executive director of the National Agency for Mineral Resources (ANRM), admitted that the country could be close to being an important gold producer in the Austral region, considering the 32 projects it has licensed.

: Thomas Mukoya/Reuters
Thomas Mukoya/Reuters  

According to the executive director of the ANRM, of the 32 projects, 22 are in the prospecting phase and the remaining 10 are in operation.

He also informed, quoted by Angop, that in addition to the more than 30 licensed projects, two other exploration titles were recently awarded: Chicuamone and Mapele.

Since the production of this ore started in the country, a figure in the order of 104.31 kilograms (corresponding to 3352.02 ounces), revealed João Chimuco, adding that the gold was produced in the mines of Chipindo (Huíla), Samboto (Huambo), Buco Zau (Cabinda) and Mpopo (Huíla).

The official, speaking to Angop, indicated that the expectation is to increase production, clarifying that this could happen with the start of production in new projects and with the expansion of the production capacity of projects that are already being developed.

The provinces of Huíla and Cabinda stand out for having a strong presence of gold exploration projects. Also noteworthy are the provinces of Bengo, Zaire, Huambo and Cunene.

According to Angop, the province of Huíla has projects in four locations (Mpopo, Chipindo, Chicuamone and Mapele). Cabinda appears with the same number, with projects in Buco Zau, Lufo, Caio Panzo and Miconje.

Also noteworthy are Huambo, with projects in Gandavira and Samboto, and Zaire with projects in Lufico.

The Chipindo mine stands out for being the first project to produce gold since 1975, in an independent Angola. Prospecting for this project started in 2012, with the first phase ending in 2015. After the feasibility studies, production started in 2019.

With a lifespan of seven years, this mine has already created around 70 direct jobs, with each one corresponding to eight indirect jobs.


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