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Communities produce handmade soap to avoid high trade prices

Implemented by Caritas Arquidiocesana de Malanje, the Rural Development and Sustainable Agriculture Program (PDRAS), has been promoting a project for the production of artisanal soap through the creation, training and distribution of raw materials by groups of local women.


According to a statement sent to VerAngola, the intervention communities - Mipolo, Quissua Sector and Nhangue, belonging to the Comuna de Mufuma, and Quimbalambanje, Mufuma Cambunze, Makala and Njungo ya kuca, belonging to the Comuna Sede - were experiencing difficulties in obtaining the soap due to at the high price at which it was sold by the few local traders.

Thus, 70 women were trained in soap production techniques, management of small rural businesses and basic accounting, producing soap for local consumption (intervention communities and neighbors).

The groups are producing and selling 216 bars of soap per month.

PDRAS Malanje is a program by Caritas de Malanje, which works to develop rural communities and support sustainable agriculture.