Ver Angola


Ex-PCA of TCUL was arrested by the Judiciary Police in Portugal

According to the PJ, who acted through the Criminal Information Unit, the detainee is a 57-year-old man who "previously held high office positions in the management of a public transport company in Angola" and is suspected of the practice crimes of money laundering, corruption, embezzlement of state funds and criminal association.


The detainee, whose identity is not revealed by the Portuguese police, was taken to the Lisbon Court of Appeal - the competent body for examining extradition requests - and will await, in preventive detention, the extradition process.

However, the media said that the former chairman of the Board of Directors of TCUL / Empresa de Transportes Colectivos Urbanos de Luanda, Abel António Cosme, a fugitive from the criminal case "CNC Case", in which he is accused of involvement in alleged embezzlement of public funds as Unicargas manager.