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Where to eat traditional dishes in Luanda?

We are often asked about restaurants serving traditional Angolan dishes. The question is sometimes asked this way: "If a tourist arrives in Luanda, where do I take him to eat a good funge?" We asked this same question on our Instagram page and the answers were very informative. Restaurants and stalls serving mufete were the most recommended, as well as classics like Funge House and Restaurante Rua 11.



Barraca da Tia Vivi

The fish we ate at Barraca da Tia Vivi stayed with us long hours after we left the bumpy streets of this iconic Luanda neighborhood, Chicala, where fish is best eaten in Luanda.

Quintal da Tia Guida (1 & 2)

Quintal da Tia Guida 2 is one of our favorite places to have lunch or dinner on the island of Luanda. It is the typical islet restaurant where the fort is in the local cuisine.

Peixe do Cabo

Going to Peixe do Cabo on a Friday afternoon is a worthwhile experience. It is to see the restaurant full, with good fish from our coast and national seafood on all the tables, fine ice cream rolling across the terrace and the living room, people rotate with happy faces and loud laughter.

And more...

Muffins are eaten in many places in and around Luanda, including in Panguila, Barra do Dande, Calumbo, and in several restaurants of various levels.


Funge House

It was on a Saturday that we decided to go to Funge House, a restaurant that has existed and has endured on the Luanda gastronomic scene for more years than our memories can remember. Knowing that, in the desire for a typical dish, this would be the right address, we went to test the solid reputation of this house.

Restaurante Rua 11

This restaurant is known for serving good Angolan cuisine, where you can find funge "with all sauces", palm oil beans, catatos, grilled barbecue, fresh grilled fish, and much more.

Tambarino Restaurant

The Tambarino Restaurant was our choice for Saturday lunch, due to a tradition it has maintained for years: the Funge Buffet, with various typical dishes of Angolan cuisine, delicious desserts and, for drinking, fresh Kissangua.

And more...

There are several restaurants that serve funge on some days of the week, such as São Jorge, O Forno, Botequim Rosa de Porcelana, and many others.

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