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Health system in Moxico and Namibe reinforced with opening of health units

The provinces of Moxico and Namibe saw their health system strengthened with the opening of health units. In Namibe, two health units were opened, while in Moxico the reinforcement took place with the (re)opening of the Luau Municipal Hospital.

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It was through the hands of the Minister of Health, Sílvia Lutucuta, that, last Friday, the two units in Namibe were inaugurated. The following day, Saturday, the holder of the Health portfolio reopened the Luau Municipal Hospital, in Moxico.

Regarding Namibe, the two health units are "first level", aiming to "provide the population with primary care", says the Ministry of Health, in a statement to which VerAngola had access.

The aforementioned units concern the António João Crisóstomo Health Center, in Moçâmedes, which now "serves not only the residents of that district", as well as "includes emergency services, pediatric and adult hospitalization, a laboratory with biochemical tests, hemotherapy, maternity ward, laundry and morgue".

The other unit is the Municipal Hospital 'Manuel Francisco da Silva Clemente', which stands out "for its various service areas, with emphasis on two operating rooms, an area for intensive care, maternity, stomatology, physiotherapy, ophthalmology, X-ray, laboratory and 110 beds for hospitalization", reads the statement.

On the occasion, the minister – who was accompanied by the governor of the province of Namibe, Archer Mangueira – considered that the municipal hospital will contribute to the decentralization of "low and medium complexity" health services in the province of Namibe.

The two units, according to the statement, were built under the Integrated Municipal Intervention Plan (PIIM).

On Saturday, the province of Moxico saw its health system strengthened with the reopening of the Luau Municipal Hospital.

"The Minister of Health, Sílvia Lutucuta, reopened this Saturday, December 16th, the new Luau Municipal Hospital with a capacity of 100 beds and more than 120 professionals, replacing the old infrastructure that was destroyed by floods in 2020", informs the Ministry of Health, in another statement, to which VerAngola had access.

There are several services that this hospital offers, namely "hemotherapy, imaging, with X-ray and ultrasound equipment, operating room, maternity, pediatrics, physiotherapy and, for the first time, stomatology, gynecology, obstetrics, neonatology, neonatal intensive care and adults, ophthalmology, orthopedics, laboratory with various specialties, a low complexity outpatient clinic".

Among its features, it also stands out the fact that it has an "incinerator, morgue, sterilization, pharmacy, laundry, kitchen, cafeteria, oxygen factory, telemedicine room, training rooms, auditorium for 51 people, administration and 10 T2 residences for professionals, as well as a health post".

According to Sílvia Lutucuta, the aforementioned hospital unit "is a reference that goes from municipal to the second level of assistance".

The minister also highlighted that this hospital "has as a priority teaching, research and the provision of humanized services", as well as reducing "distances and avoiding evacuations to neighboring countries, such as Zambia and the DRC, or even in Lunda Sul ".

Ernesto Muangala, governor of the province of Moxico, reaffirmed that "the hospital is a mandatory reference unit in the region", adding that the hospital will meet "the needs of the populations with cutting-edge technical and technological means to reduce cases of malaria, diseases acute respiratory illnesses, measles, HIV-AIDS, mental illnesses and other more frequent pathologies", thus improving "service to users" and reducing maternal and child mortality, "bringing health services closer to communities, especially in rural areas".

Quoted in the statement, the governor said they recognized that "it was a long period of waiting and made worse by difficult medical and medication care, due to the consequences of the natural calamity that occurred in 2020 and which led to the almost total destruction of the old structure of the municipal hospital."


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