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School tests given by people outside the educational process, says union

The National Union of Teachers (Sinprof), which held a strike this Tuesday, accused the Ministry of Education of administering school tests in the absence of teachers and using people outside the educational process.


A week after the start of the strike there was no meeting with the Ministry of Education nor are there any scheduled meetings, according to the general secretary of the union organization.

Admar Jinguma told Lusa that, on Friday, the last day of the strike, Sinprof will comment on the situation, noting that "there is no scheduled meeting, which means that the strike will go until the 16th, the date of your interregnum".

"We will be preparing the third phase from now on. Unfortunately, it is longer, 30 days, but we will wait, maybe there will be some contact by then", he referred.

Admar Jinguma denounced that at this stage of the sector's second stoppage, the Ministry of Education decided to direct the school boards to administer the first quarter tests even without the presence of teachers.

According to the trade unionist, a very small number of schools are giving tests and, even in these, not in all classes, due to lack of staff.

"Schools are committing a very big crime, a very big insult, but this blame must be attributed to the Ministry of Education, which guided, because schools do not have people to supervise the tests, [they are being carried out] without anyone to follow, without anyone explaining", he underlined.

The trade unionist stressed that people outside the educational process, namely guards, cleaning assistants, relatives of school administrators, are being called to monitor the tests.

"It is a very sad show, in which if anyone had any doubt that there is no concern for education here, there is exactly the answer, therefore, it does not matter who will prepare the test, it does not matter who will administer the test", he said.

Admar Jinguma underlined that the tests were not prepared by teachers, but "by people who do not understand anything about the disciplines", and there are still cases of schools that are evaluating students with tests from the previous year, a situation that has been narrated by them.

"Here the idea is really just to sell the image before their hierarchical superiors who lowered the guidance, that in their schools tests were carried out. It is a very big offense to our own education, people think that because of their positions they can do whatever they want, but education deserves much more respect," he said.

Sinprof's general secretary highlighted the importance of the teacher for students in times of exams, "a comfort for students", different from having a security guard in the room, a cleaning assistant.

"The student, even when things are going normally and another teacher is supervising the test, he feels comforted when his teacher appears in the room, when the teacher appears it is a great joy, because he knows that he can solve doubts, clarifications", he observed.

Teachers are in the second phase of the strike, demanding better wages and working conditions.


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