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Cotton: Angolan “white gold” is sold again 36 years later

The cotton produced in Baixa do Cassanje was sold again 36 years later. A total of 15 tons of “white gold”, produced by 83 family farmers in the municipality of Cunda-dia-Base, were sold to the company IEP, the owner of Textang II.


According to Angop, the formal sale took place this Wednesday, December 21, in Cunda-dia-Base. This transaction resulted in an amount of 2,999,000 kwanzas, with each kilogram costing 210 kwanzas.

Cotton production in the region lasted half a year, ranging from land preparation to harvesting, in a perimeter of 30 hectares. As for the current agricultural season, advances Angop, it is conjectured the cultivation of 400 hectares of this raw material, where the same number of associates will be involved.

The agronomist from the company IEP, Santos Gomes, who was speaking at the time, indicated that 100 tons of cotton were expected in the experimental stage, but this was conditioned by several factors.

The company will have the production of the families at their disposal for a decade, said the official, adding that once that period has ended they will have their own cultivation area, moving towards a reduction in imports.

Santos Gomes also took the opportunity to reveal that they will start, within days, with the installation of a cotton ginning factory, capable of producing 15 tons a day.

Carlos Chipoia, director of the provincial Agriculture office, also quoted by Angop, considered that the recovery of "white gold" production in Baixa de Cassanje is encouraging for farmers in the region, as it calls more families in this branch, to supply the industry textile in the country.

He also referred that, along with Cunda-dia-Base, the IEP will also produce in Cahombo and that another investor will "attack" Quela - where a survey is taking place to include 400 families, with each one enjoying one hectare and production resources.

Francisco Mutacambo, municipal administrator of Cunda-dia-Base, admitted that the sale represents a "gain" for farmers in the region and also shows the Government's interest in reinvigorating this crop, leaving the guarantee that they will continue with the mobilization of families to embrace this production.

José Vunge, mayor of Cunda-dia-Base and one of the farmers involved, also cited by Angop, indicated that the amount raised will help to reduce the obstacles faced by families, pledging to expand production areas.

According to Angop, the same view was shared by Domingos João and Maria Colete, also producers, who asked that the price of a kilogram rise to 250 kwanzas against 210 kwanzas.

It should be noted that more than 12 million dollars are spent per year by the country on cotton imports.


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