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Heroes of Blue visit and give donations to the Home of Nazaré

At the invitation of the South African Embassy in Angola, a visit and donation was made to Lar de Nazaré in Cacuaco.


Representatives of the new ambassador and invited companies were present. According to the representatives of the South African ambassador in Angola, the idea is to continue the outgoing ambassador's program, with special attention to Lar da Nazaré.

Among the invited companies, Standard Bank was represented by the Heroes of Blue, who delivered donations consisting of food, hygiene, cleaning and disinfection products, taking into account the needs of the reception center.

After the delivery, a guided tour of the home followed. On the occasion, they enjoyed an exhibition of the work being developed by the children in the Art and Crafts workshops of the Heroes of Blue project. Happy with the results of the work, the visitors expressed their interest and willingness to support in some way the program of classes taking place in the Home of Nazaré.