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ANAC suspends Fly Angola operation due to lack of maintenance

The National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) has suspended Fly Angola's flight operations due to non-compliance with the aircraft maintenance program, according to a statement from this entity.


On December 3rd, the airline that operates interprovincial flights had announced the suspension of activity, due to an "unexpected measure" by ANAC claiming it was not related to the safety and airworthiness of the aircraft, which the aeronautical authority is now denying, indicating that this information is "misleading".

At issue, according to ANAC, is the failure to comply with the maintenance program, despite the extension of deadlines already granted twice, at the request of the operator

ANAC adds that a first extension was granted on May 24, 2021, whose date would expire on August 31, and a second on September 9, 2021, which ended on November 30, 2021, when the operator "was notified, in a timely manner, that at the end of the extension period, the aircraft should deserve a general overhaul (overhaul)".

"After the deadlines for extensions granted without the operator complying with the aforementioned maintenance, this Authority, in the use of its powers in defense and security of passengers, took the decision to no longer grant extensions, and the operator must comply with the maintenance program", he indicates the ANAC communiqué

ANAC also stresses that air operators are responsible for managing the continuity of airworthiness, "obliging themselves to manage and coordinate all preventive and corrective maintenance actions for the aircraft, essential for it to operate safely, with the implementation of the Program Maintenance approved by ANAC, which did not occur".

Fly Angola flies from Luanda to Saurimo (Lunda Sul), Dundo (Lunda Norte), Lubango (Huíla), Luena (Moxico) and Moçâmedes (Namibe).