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Constitutional Court indefaces request for the MPLA Congress

The Constitutional Court (CT) rejected the request for challenge of the VIII Ordinary Congress of the MPLA, requested by António Venancio, pre-candidate for the party leadership, because it is a "precautionary provision not specified".


The TC's position is contained in a dispatch dated December 7, 2021, signed by the judge president of the lower court, Laurinda Prazeres Monteiro Cardoso, released this Thursday.

According to the order, Antonio Venancio, militants of the Movement of Liberation of Angola (MPLA, in power since 1975) that saw rejected intention to run for party leadership in Congress, requested the TC a 'injunction not specified where calls for summoned the MPLA to refrain from performing the congress. "

The Eighth Congress of the MPLA Ordinary kicked off this Thursday and runs until Saturday, in Luanda, and João Lourenço, current chairman of the party and the Republic of Angola, is the only candidate to the leadership of political education.

In its injunction, says the Constitutional Antonio Venancio also requires that the MPLA "be forced to start all organic process of the VIII Congress, the central level, for an electoral national commission and proceeding restructuring and correction of the preparatory national committee".

Antonio Venancio gave providence of entry injunctive on 2 December.

The Constitutional Court also notes that the applicant alleged and concluded that "intended and intends to run for president of the MPLA, but was prevented from presenting and formalize his candidacy for the absence of an electoral commission."

"He found himself unable to collect signatures necessary to present and formalize his candidacy because of intimidation that the militants his supporters were the target, and the absence to date of an election commission, has been unable to present their complaints", reads the order.

It further claimed that were "violated the right to elect and be elected, provided for in the statutes and the party's electoral regulations, the right to be treated equally to other militants, the guarantee of the inviolability of his rights and obligations and ensuring that elections for elected office party are carried out without the voter experience any pressure to vote for one or another candidate".

For TC, the allegations and grounds, especially as regards the nature of the process adapted by the applicant, "allow us to conclude that the applicant has sustained an injunction, unspecified at the expense of candidates contesting process."

"So it's limiarmente dismissed this application, in accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 474 of the Civil Procedure Code, applicable by virtue of Article 2 of the Constitutional Procedure Act," concluded the order of the Constitutional.