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Angolan Pedro Pires awarded Bienal Biso at Burkina Faso

Angolan Artist Pedro Pires - who was last September in Artistic Residence in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, integrated at Biennale Biennale - Ouagadougou International Sculpture Biennial - Received the "Cuperior Collection" award, which consists of an artistic residence in Berlin in 2022.


Pedro Pires was selected for the 2nd edition of Biso Biennale, having spent two weeks in artistic residence in Ouagadougou, along with several other artists from countries like: Benin, Mauritania, Tunisia, France, South Africa, among others.

The sculpture "Doppelganger Kit", which was presented at the inauguration of the exhibition on October 8 at the French Institute of Ouagadougou, was produced during the two weeks of residence.

"Doppelganger Kit" consists of a series of clothing items built with corrugated galvanized plate, which is an industrial material used in informal and basic architecture.

The sculpture is part of a series of works developed in recent years, inspired by Angolan reality. This series of works emerged from an attempt to create a fact that allowed the artist to become something similar to the corrugated plate, serving as camouflage in specific contexts.

His artistic practice has a strong connection with Cheikh Hamidou Kane's book, which served as a theme for this year's Biso Biennial. Pedro Pires questions his position - historical, political, social and economic - in Angola and Portugal, reflecting on what it means to belong to a country and a culture.

The presence of the artist at Bienal Biso was supported by the Galeria this is not the White Cube and by collectors.

This was the second edition of Bienal Biso who, this year, took place on the theme "Ambigua Adventure", Cheikh Hamidou Book Kane.