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There will be no shortage of basic basket goods during the festive period, assures the Government

There will be no shortage of goods from the basic basket next month. The guarantee was left by the representative of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Carlos Amado, who informed that there is sufficient stock of food products in the Strategic Food Reserve (REA).


The guardianship representative said that for rice there is a reserve of more than 100 days, while for sugar they have a coverage of around 193 days, which goes beyond the festive season.

"In terms of forecasting the need for supply for rice, we have coverage of 115 days, which is more than three months, which will even pass the festive period, because it is what already exists, which is in storage, which is in the country", he said in statements to Rádio Nacional de Angola (RNA).

"Sugar has a coverage of 193 days, the REA has the product, it is prepared if there is a need to intervene, it will do so in order to balance the price level", he added.

The authorities have already left a promise that they will be attentive to speculation.

This was the case of Salussinga, head of the Criminal Investigation Service (SIC), who informed that they will have a "determined operational program" to start between 5 and 10 December to monitor prices applied by major importers.

"We have a specific operational program that will probably start between the 5th and 10th of December to monitor the large importers, since we are going to carry out the intervention process by collecting some documentation in order to really understand the dynamics of the importer's price. complaint because the SIC is available to collaborate with the citizen", he said, quoted by RNA.

The representative of the National Authority for Economic Inspection and Food Safety (ANIESA), Antónia Maria, also quoted by RNA, said that the authority has been working at "inspection and inspection level for economic operators that import on a large scale" and that they have interacted and accompanied "the difficulties that these economic operators experience so that they can give some stability to the population, not raise the price".

"The scope of price speculation is clear that it is a crime and this crime must be fought," he added, quoted by RNA.


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