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Fourth dose of vaccine against covid-19 begins to be administered Monday

The Minister of Health announced the start, on Monday, of the fourth booster dose of the vaccine against covid-19, a disease with more than 104,000 cases registered since the beginning of the pandemic and 1,922 deaths.

: Osvaldo Silva
Osvaldo Silva  

Sílvia Lutucuta, who presented data on the situation of covid-19 in the country, said that Angola continues to register cases of covid-19, some of them needing hospitalization, including serious and critical cases, and also some deaths.

The holder of the Health portfolio stressed that most of the serious and critical cases and deaths were not vaccinated or without full doses or reinforcement and had associated comorbidities.

The official informed that the vaccines will be administered in municipal hospital units and by mobile teams, bearing in mind that most of the high-performance vaccination posts were closed.

In turn, the Secretary of State for Public Health, Carlos Alberto Pinto, when presenting data on the epidemiological situation of covid-19 in Angola, said that cases of the disease are registered daily.

In the last 24 hours, the country registered 32 positive cases, of which 22 in Luanda, the most affected province, without any deaths and with seven cases of recovery from the disease.

In the same period, 160 samples were processed by RT-PCR, ten positive and 150 negative, with a positivity rate of 6.3%.

Carlos Alberto Pinto stressed that since August until the present date there have been small outbreaks. “After the number of accumulated cases dropped from August to September from 537 to 191, it increased again in October to 754 cases, that is, four times more than in the previous month”, he stressed.

The Secretary of State said that the increase in cases may be associated with the misuse of masks and poor adherence to vaccination.

According to Carlos Alberto Pinto, the outbreak that occurred between May and June of this year caused the death of 17 people, but in the months of August and September there were no deaths.

With the increase in the number of new cases, added the official, in recent weeks, on 23 October, a new death from covid-19 and four deaths were recorded in the current month.

The national director of Public Health, Helga Freitas, indicated that Angola had already administered 23.2 million doses of vaccines, of which around 14.9 million people had only one dose, corresponding to 78.12 percent of the target population, approximately 8.1 million people received both doses (42.88 percent) and 1.3 million people received the third dose (6.9 percent).

Helga Freitas underlined that more than 4.1 million people did not take any dose, 6.6 million people did not adhere to the second dose and 6.7 million people did not take the booster dose.

“This is a situation that really worries the authorities of our country, particularly the health authorities, and that puts us all at risk and that is why we call on everyone to complete their vaccine cycle as a matter of urgency. ”, he stressed.

According to Helga Freitas, a survey carried out recently to understand the low adherence to the vaccine, particularly the second dose, revealed that 24.8% of respondents answered that they had forgotten and 32% said that they did not know the reason.


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