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Teachers return to strike from 23 November

The National Council of the National Union of Teachers (Sinprof) announced on Friday that it will resume the suspended strike on April 24, 2021, starting on November 23, if its demands are not met.


The final communiqué of the IV ordinary meeting of the Advisory Board of Sinprof, which took place between Thursday and Friday, states that the next strikes were scheduled for three periods, the first, between 23 and 30 November, the second, between 6 and 16 December, and the third, between 3 and 31 January.

In the document, to which the Lusa agency had access, the Advisory Council of Sinprof appeals to the Executive to alleviate the incidence of the Labor Income Tax (IRT) on teachers' salaries and the cancellation of its discount on subsidies, compared to the negative impact on the remuneration of education agents.

The National Council expresses concern about the number of teachers who annually leave the education sector, "because they understand that the teaching profession is still not an attractive profession".

Another constant concern in the document has to do with "the growing trend of commodification of education in the country, with emphasis on the province of Luanda, where there are more private, public-private schools than public schools".

"The National Council appeals to public managers to refrain from the practice of transforming schools built with public funds into private or public-private schools", underlines the statement.

The meeting also addressed the issue of insufficient budget allocated to the education sector, urging the Sinprof National Council to increase the "budgetary share for Education in the OGE for the next economic year by 20 percent, to enable the improvement of quality indicators of education, which essentially involve hiring more and better teachers to cover the deficit in the sector".

The request for a budget increase is also in the sense of "building more schools, in order to eliminate the number of children and young people who are unable to access the education system every year, by making existing schools functional, by training teacher training, for the improvement of teachers' remuneration, among others".

"Given the inhospitable conditions in which many teachers who work in remote areas live", the National Council urges the Executive "to urgently approve and implement the isolation allowance announced by the President of the Republic in his last speech on the State of the Nation, for whose implementation SINPROF has been fighting for several years".

"To demand that the Executive review the Remuneration Statute of Education Agents and raise the subsidy list up to the limit set by Presidential Legislative Decree No. 03/22 of 12 May", also appears in the appeals addressed to the Government.

At the meeting, which took place under the motto "Prioritizing Education is Guaranteeing a Prosperous and Developed Angola", the balance sheet and accounts report and the budget plan of the National Secretariat for the 2022/2023 trade union were approved.

The National Council expressed its solidarity with Professor Diavava Bernardo, from School n.º 5108 of the municipality of Viana, "whose struggle sparked the idea of a national plan for the distribution of desks" and disapproved of "any action that threatens the continuation of his teaching activity".

Sinprof reaffirmed "its full support to the aforementioned teacher", who was the organizer of a march with students from that school to claim about the lack of school desks, having been arrested by the police, who repressed the demonstration.

Still internally, the National Council deliberated favorably on the return of Sinprof to the Central General of Independent and Free Trade Unions of Angola (CGSILA), after having overcome the reasons that led to its departure from this trade union centre, of which she is co-founder.


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