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President reiterates commitment to municipalities but does not advance date

The President reiterated on Saturday, in his State of the Nation speech, the commitment to the creation of municipalities, without advancing dates, and announced the construction of 35 assemblies for local authorities and residential complexes in 36 municipalities.


The clarification on this issue was one of the most awaited in João Lourenço's speech, which on Saturday marked the opening of the parliamentary year in Angola, after the chief executive once again took on the commitment to institutionalize local authorities, in case his party won the elections held last August 24th.

However, it only emerged in almost the second hour of a long speech, marked by a string of numbers in the form of an inventory of the achievements of his first term and a handful of promises for the next five years.

With the municipal legislative package practically concluded, João Lourenço reiterated the intention to institutionalize the municipalities, stressing that the lack of infrastructure for future municipalities must be resolved.

Therefore, and taking into account that one of the main difficulties for several municipalities is the establishment of staff in their territory, especially those in the most remote locations, the construction of residential complexes in 36 municipalities is already underway, as well as 35 assemblies for the local authorities.

The President stated that he remains committed to strengthening local power and announced that he will present a draft law on traditional authorities and institutional relations between them and the State.

The Executive will also start the re-registration of traditional authorities, "recognising those who have such a title by the line of succession", stressed the head of state.

"Let's develop", "implement" and "create" and "build", were the words that marked the speech in the second part, in contrast to the "we did" and "constructed" of the first hour, with João Lourenço describing in detail the projects that he intends to carry out in the different provinces and to quote an endless number of percentages and numbers in his message on the State of the Nation.

João Lourenço also praised the civility and patriotism shown by the people throughout the electoral process and guaranteed that the Executive will work towards completing the projects underway that have an impact on the lives of Angolans, with emphasis on the social sector and education.

He guaranteed, on the other hand, that the "fight against corruption and impunity continues to be carried out with determination", again using the numbers to demonstrate the results of the actions that his Executive has taken since 2017.

According to João Lourenço, while in the period from 2012 to 2017 (last term of José Eduardo dos Santos in the Presidency) 18 investigations into corruption and money laundering had been initiated between 2017 and September 2022 - corresponding to the first term of João Lourenço - 527 cases were opened, of which 247 were concluded, which gave rise to the opening of 106 criminal cases.

In this period, 2511 cases were also opened for embezzlement, money laundering, corruption and economic participation in business, involving holders of public offices, of which 2027 are in preparatory instruction, 474 were sent to the courts for judgment and there are 40 convictions.

On the other hand, while in the period from 2012 to 2017, 188 statements were delivered by holders of public offices at the Attorney General's Office, between 2017 and September 2022, they amounted to 3635, "an abysmal difference", highlighted João Lourenço.

As for the recovery of misappropriated values, it amounts to US$5.6 billion between 2019 and September 2022, while the seizure of goods and values ​​amounts to 15 billion dollars, of which 6.8 billion dollars in Angola and the rest abroad.


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