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Solidarity initiative brought medical support to the population of the municipality of Lucala

Last weekend, Volta a África, together with other partners, organized, in the province of Cuanza Norte, an initiative of a solidarity nature: the team was in the municipality of Lucala, where they provided medical support to the population.


A statement sent to VerAngola states that the group called "Os Manda Chuva da Donga" was, on the 9th and 10th of the current month, in the municipality of Lucala.

"On the 9th, with the support of the medicine area of ​​the group "Dentista Aqui tem", with a team of 10 doctors from various areas, it was possible to attend and medicate more than 450 people, and a lecture was also given on oral health for better understanding of the population", advances the note.

In addition, water, bleach, soap, clothes, food and some gifts for the children were also given to the population of that municipality.

The municipality of Lucala has about 23,000 inhabitants, most of them refugees, coming from various parts of the country over the 30 years of internal war.

The population of that region faces several health problems arising from the lack of water treatment, which is taken directly from the river. The lack of basic sanitation means that the water becomes contaminated, causing many diseases.

This is one of the reasons that led the group "Os Manda Chuva da Donga" to carry out the solidarity activity last weekend, says the note.

The initiative had the support of several partners: Volta a África, Auto Passarinho, Boneca Africana, Mecofarma Angola, A400 Angola, Água Atlantis, Basel Angola, Puff, Sika, TLCA and Farmácia Bulivar, among others.