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Bornito de Sousa and daughter demand compensation of 750,000 euros to journalist

The vice-president, Bornito de Sousa, and his daughter Naulila filed a lawsuit in portuguese courts against a british journalist for alleged defamation, demanding compensation of 750,000 euros.

: Naulila no programa 'Say Yes to the Dress'
Naulila no programa 'Say Yes to the Dress'  

Statements made by the reporter Oliver Bullough, in a book released at the end of 2019, about the expenses on the nine dresses purchased for the wedding of Bornito de Sousa's daughter will be the basis for the civil action.

According to the portuguese newspaper Público, quoted by the Expresso, the dresses were purchased in New York, in a store owned by a famous designer, and were worth around 150,000 euros.

In addition to the journalist, 20/20 Editora, responsible for publishing the book in question, is also targeted in the lawsuit.

Bornito de Sousa and Naulila demand that the publisher and the journalist despise "the woven and image judgments of value" that they intended to "imprint the authors in the work in a clear, prominent and perceptible way and without any reservations or ambiguities", the weekly writes.

In addition to Oliver Bullough and the publisher, Paulo Morais, founder of the Transparência e Integridade association and an activist in the fight against corruption, is also one of those targeted. According to Expresso, Bornito de Sousa and his daughter point the finger at him, saying that he had perpetrated a crime of aggravated defamation.

On the basis of the request are statements made by Paulo Morais on January 20 of last year on Facebook and three days later in CMTV's 8th newspaper.

Naulila participated in 'Say Yes to the Dress' and, according to Expresso, the show's host said that Bornito de Sousa's daughter will have spent "a total of more than 200 thousand dollars".