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Security companies have six months to switch weapons of war

The Angolan National Police spokesman said this Tuesday that security companies have six months to exchange weapons of war for defense weapons, those allowed by law since 2014.


Orlando Bernardo, who presented the public security situation in August and September, said that private security companies are now prohibited from transferring weapons from one province to another.

"They can no longer transfer arms from Luanda, for example, a post was opened in Benguela. No weapons of war are transferred from one place to another. After some time these weapons will also start to be collected," informed Orlando Bernardo.

According to the police spokesman, the objective is to control whether it is true "in fact what is said, that the weapons that go to crime, leave the security companies".

Many of the weapons in the possession of security companies, Orlando Bernardo added, are of poor quality and "are those that normally appear in crimes".

According to Orlando Bernardo, there are between four and five excellent security companies in the country, "but then there are those that protect the store" of West African citizens, owners of small commercial establishments in Angola, and "those are a terrible problem".

"We are now going to start intervening in the market in order to control this segment. And if we control this segment of weapons from security companies, it is natural that we will also obtain weapons that go into crime," he stressed.

Orlando Bernardo guaranteed that there is more and more control over gunsmiths of the defense and security forces, being at this time "very difficult to have a weapon outside the gunsmith that is not controlled".

"Attention, I'm not saying don't get out of there, but there is more and more control", said the spokesman for the National Police, stressing that there is a large amount of weapons collected by the police. However, the historical context of the country means that there are still many weapons in illegal possession by citizens.

According to the Angolan police officer, the computer systems created for the Armed Forces and the National Police make it possible to know from which gunsmith a weapon found at a crime scene came out, admitting that "there was a time when it wasn't like that".

"We know which weapons are imported by the Armed Forces, by the National Police, which are with the gunsmiths, which are with A, B and C that are in the activity, we know that. We need to know the other. segment, which is the security companies", he stressed.

"There was all this time for companies to prepare themselves. There are weapons prepared for this, but what happens is that companies did not pay much attention to it," he stressed.

After the end of the war in Angola in 2002, former soldiers and people linked to the defense were given the opportunity to create security companies, but in 2014 the law was passed that prohibited the use of firearms for this activity, explained Orlando Bernardo

Currently, anyone who wants to open a security company has to justify where he went to get his weapons, which has not happened a few years ago.

For two years now, whoever opens a security company "must have weapons authorized by Law 10/14 and will justify where he went to get the weapon, otherwise he will be arrested," he said.

Orlando Bernardo said that with the intervention of the police in this segment, many private security companies are expected to disappear, "because many do not have the capacity to acquire defense weapons abroad".

Many "either join" and form a company, "or they will leave the business," he warned.