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State management leaves empty shelves and cashiers closed at Kero hypermarkets

Most of the shelves are empty. In some places, water bottles occupy the places where rice, beans, fruit, vegetables, flour used to be ... The options are scarce. This is the new reality of the Kero hypermarkets, of the Zahara group, three months after their management has passed into the hands of the State.


Regarded as one of the favorite supermarkets of Luandans, Kero has always been well known to consumers, especially those looking for national products. However, after the change in management, the lack of several products and their little diversity has a significant impact on the number of customers.

Renata Paulo, a consumer, confessed to Expansão that she was disappointed with the offer of Kero products. "It's been like this for a few months now, almost everything is missing. There are no detergents, no vegetables, fruits, frozen. You can hardly do all the shopping here, she said."

A supermarket chain customer since opening in 2010, she confesses that talking about products made her reduce the frequency with which she goes to that supermarket, opting for other distribution chains.

"I think the new management should review its strategies, as they are already losing many customers," she adds, saying that this new framework could be linked to the most recent management of the hypermarket.

The lack of articles is hidden by water bottles, milk cartons and napkin packs.

Also Maria Matias, who was looking to spend her Kero card credit, told Expansão that the lack of products is a common factor for all Zahara group establishments in the capital. "Due to the card that is loaded (Christmas basket), I am really obliged to make purchases at Kero", she says, saying that she found both Kero Gika and the Nova Vida and Morro Bento stores under the same conditions.

Considering the "worrying" situation, she refers to the lack of products and prices as the reason for the loss of customers.

At the same newspaper, hypermarket employees also expressed concern. Limited in the information in relation to the lack of products, they affirm that the climate is of insecurity, not knowing if the problem of the lack of products involves management or setbacks with suppliers. "As employees we are concerned, because we have no information on the matter. And without products, there are no customers, so our jobs are at risk," one of the employees told Expansão.


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