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Sonangol justifies fuel shortages in the north and east of the country with poor roads

Sonangol rejected this Thursday that there is a fuel shortage in some provinces of the country, including Zaire, Lunda Norte and Lunda Sul, attributing the difficulty of restoring some products to the poor condition of roads.


In statements issued by Angola's public radio, Sonangol spokesman Dionisio Rocha said the fuel import cycle is working according to company forecasts, ensuring there is enough fuel for the country.

According to the spokesman, the constraints that exist today in some provinces, especially the border provinces, have to do fundamentally with the poor state of the roads, situations that "slow down a little the cycle of replacement of products.

"That is, to get the product out of Luanda, Malanje to the Lundas - they are following the efforts being made - but the roads are still not good and they get worse at that time," said Dionísio Rocha.

For example, the oil company's spokesman noted that journeys that were made in three, four days are now taking a week to be made, a delay aggravated by the implementation of biosecurity measures adopted to prevent and combat covid-19.

On the lack of fuel, Lunda Norte Governor Ernesto Muangala said he received assurances from Sonangol that the situation could be resolved this Friday.

He stressed that the situation is worrying and that he has received assurances from Sonangol that the province, as well as neighboring Lunda Sul, will be reinforced with fuel from stocks in Moxico and Malanje provinces.

In the city of Mbanza Congo, capital of the oil province of Zaire, the fuel shortage has been dragging on for four days now, according to reports by drivers, who are resorting to the informal market to purchase gasoline and diesel, according to Angolan public radio.