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Lawyer says that detained activists have not eaten for several days because family meals are not authorized

The lawyer for the four activists, sentenced to two years and five months in prison last week, said this Wednesday that they have not been fed for several days, because the authorities do not allow them to receive food from their family members.

: Ampe Rogério/Lusa
Ampe Rogério/Lusa  

Zola Bambi said that the appeal of the four activists, Adolfo Campos, Gilson da Silva Moreira "Tanaice Neutro", Hermenegildo André "Gildo das Ruas" and Abraão Pedro Santos "Pensador ou Filho da Revolução", is ongoing, and clarified that the Journalist Daniel Jonas "Pensador", also detained in an attempt to demonstrate in support of motorcycle taxi drivers, was acquitted by the court.

According to Zola Bambi, contrary to what is reported on social media, his constituents are not on hunger strike, but are prevented from receiving food from home due to the authorities' orders.

"There was never a hunger strike, what happened is the situation in which food was asked to reach them since their arrest", he stressed.

The lawyer also mentioned that in the case of Adolfo Campos, he had not eaten for at least 12 days, while Gilson Moreira "Tanaice Neutro", who is in Kakila prison, managed to receive, on Monday, the food delivered by his wife.

"There was a possibility of getting the food [to him], the woman was here in the office and told us that Tanaice received the food and started eating", he highlighted.

According to Zola Bambi, the remaining activists, namely Adolfo Campos, in the Calomboloca prison, Hermenegildo André, in the Central District of Luanda, Abraão Pedro Santos "Pensador ou Filho da Revolução", in the District of Viana, are without access to food for their their family members.

"There is talk of a [hunger] strike, but it is not a strike, a hunger strike is when a person voluntarily puts themselves in the situation of not wanting to eat to protest or to make a statement, in their case it is the impediment and obstacle that the prison authorities are making to get food to them", he clarified.

The defense emphasizes that all its clients have the possibility of receiving food delivered by their family, with a special protocol in place "to avoid fears, perhaps of being poisoned".

"This is the case of these activists, that this exception can also be made and has been done. We don't understand why they are preventing it at the moment, because it is a discretionary power of each person responsible (...) they really don't want to do it, because they understand that they must create obstacles", he added.

The activists were detained when they tried to protest against the limitations that the provincial government wants to impose on the circulation of motorcycle taxi drivers on the capital's main roads.


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