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UNITA discusses with a lawyer the situation of activists he considers “political prisoners”

UNITA deputies expressed concern about the state of health and procedural delays of activists “Luther King” and “Ta Nice Neutro”, detained for more than eight months, and announced a verification visit on Friday.


The concern about the health status of both activists, especially Luther Campos, better known as "Luther King", who faces "serious problems" with his eyesight, was addressed at a meeting by the lawyer of activists and deputies of the National Union for Independence Total for Angola (UNITA).

UNITA deputy Nelito Ekuikui told Lusa that his party's parliamentary delegation went to the offices of lawyer Francisco Muteka to find out about the progress of the process of the two "political prisoners".

"'Ta Nice Neutro' has a trial already scheduled for October 6, Luther remains without a trial date and what worries the lawyers and us the most is the state of health of the two, both are sick, one has a problem with vision that is getting worse", said

"The process drags on, but what really worries them is their state of health and the procedural length is what worries the lawyers, but the party also, through the parliamentary group, goes to the authorities to see what happens. passes by and go there and see," he said.

A delegation of UNITA deputies will visit, on Friday, both activists, detained at Hospital Prisão São Paulo, in Luanda.

The lawyer of activist Luther Campos told Lusa, last Friday, that the health condition of the detainee for more than eight months "inspires care" and calls for "urgency" otherwise the activist will lose his sight.

With no scheduled trial date, "Luther King", detained on January 12, 2022, has serious vision problems, as his lawyer reported, realizing that he has already requested external consultations, to Hospital Prisão São Paulo, but without answers.

Luther "has serious vision problems and it is a situation that has already been referred to the penitentiary services so that they can eventually exempt the individual from having to carry out consultations outside that prison unit", he explained, in statements to Lusa.

According to the lawyer, although the São Paulo jail is a prison hospital, it "is not in a position" to assess situations suffered by the defendant Luther Campos, 32 years old.

Activist Gilson Moreira da Silva, detained for more than eight months, will begin his trial on 6 October, on charges of "rebellion and resistance against an official", said his lawyer.

Francisco Muteka said he believed in the acquittal of his client, at trial, because the prosecution's accusation "is quite ambiguous".

The lawyer stated that both crimes of which the activist, known as "Ta Nice Neutro" is accused, are provided for by articles 329 and 342 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPP), but "there is not enough evidence to support the indications that are in it".

The criminal process "has rules, and the rules are clear and objective, and they must be upheld in the trial before the judge of the case, otherwise it is acquittal from the case", he noted.

The 35-year-old activist has been detained since January 14, 2022 at Hospital Prisão São Paulo, in Luanda, and his trial is scheduled to begin on October 6 at the 1st Chamber of the Luanda District Court.

The well-known activist was arrested after he was allegedly caught doing a live on social media, from Hospital Prisão São Paulo, in which he showed the conditions in which activist Luther Campos, arrested two days earlier, was detained.

According to the defense, "Ta Nice Neutral" at the time he was arrested "was no longer in good health, he was never in good health", and the deprivation of his liberty "conditioned" his scheduled medical appointment in Namibia.

Last Saturday, during the march called by UNITA, the protesters "demanded the immediate release" of political prisoners, especially "Luther King" and "Ta Nice Neutro".

On the health condition of the two activists, Lusa contacted the spokesman for the Angolan Prison Services on Friday, but so far has not received any response.

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