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Regulator warns against illegal increase in passenger transport prices

The regulatory authority for transport, following "several complaints from users", has expressly prohibited price increases by long-distance road transport operators, threatening them with the suspension of their licenses, in a statement released this Monday.


"The National Road Transport Institute (INTR) prohibits price increases by long-distance road transport operators. And for those who have already done so, it forces them to fix the previous prices," states the regulator.

The statement from the INTR explains that the entity has received in recent days, following the relief of preventive measures against the pandemic of covid-19, several complaints from users of inter-provincial transport regarding price increases by some operators.

INTR confirmed that, "effectively", "some operators have increased travel prices on some inter-provincial routes" in disobedience of the law, so it has notified the offending agents and issued a general notice "demanding the immediate suspension of fare adjustments that have been made by operators of regular passenger road transport."

"The operators that do not comply with this measure may see their licenses for the exercise of the activity suspended," the same notice also makes clear.

The regulator also asks for the "maximum collaboration of passengers in denouncing such practices" through telephone and email contacts that are available.