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Angola exports 1662 tonnes of coffee. Main destinations are Portugal, Spain and Lebanon

The 2020 coffee production campaign resulted in a harvest of 6050 tonnes, of which 1662 were exported. The main destinations for Angolan coffee were Portugal, Spain and Lebanon.


The numbers are advanced by the National Coffee Institute (INCA), and point to an export of about 27,701 bags of 60 kilograms of coffee. These numbers represent 1662 tons, which corresponds to 27.47 percent of the country's total production in the year 2020.

The institute also claims that the main buyers of Angolan coffee were Portugal, Spain and Lebanon.

With regard to the price, the director-general of INCA, Bonifácio Francisco, said that in the international market a ton of coffee is sold for over 2000 dollars, with a 60-kilogram bag worth around 125,760 dollars.

He also added that the provinces of Uíge (45.67 percent) and Kwanza-Sul (41.33 percent) dominate the country's cefe production.

To Jornal de Economia & Finanças, the official also mentioned that the institution controls 11 businessmen dedicated to the cultivation of grain, with emphasis on the companies Agrolíder, Vissolela, MCA-Agro, Boa Esperança and Topoagro.

With regard to associations and associates, he said that the association controls "about 16,047 coffee producers who serve approximately 43,600 hectares of coffee plantations in the 10 provinces. These small and medium traditional family farms constitute more than 90 percent of the producers", he explained .

For the 2021 campaign, estimates point to a lower crop, taking into account the "reduction of those involved". Forecasts put production at 5300 tons.

The plan, says Bonifácio Francisco, is to generatively and vegetatively produce more than 400 million seedlings of Arabica and Robusta coffee trees, which will allow an increase in the areas of cultivation with highly productive plants.