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Cunhinga farmers produce more than three thousand tons of pineapple

Farmers in Cunhinga, Bié province, produced more than three thousand tons of pineapple. Although the numbers are positive, the harvest suffered a decrease compared to the previous agricultural campaign: 1000 tons less of pineapples were produced than in the previous campaign.


The reduction of production levels was due to the drought that affected the area, said the municipal director of agriculture and fisheries, Jeremias João de Sousa.

The official, cited by Angop, said that most of the fruit has already been harvested and sold, and that only 20 percent of the plantation is still missing.

The cultivation area was of 500 hectares, but the objective is to expand next season to 700 or 800 hectares.

With the expansion of the cultivation areas, it is expected that production will increase. If the drought does not affect the region again, it is estimated that production levels will rise to four or five tons, he indicated, cited by Angop.

Jeremias João de Sousa said that the production of fruits, especially pineapple, has contributed to the increase of the income of the families affected by the drought.

The official said that the provinces of Luanda, Huambo, Moxico and Cuando Cubango have been consuming pineapples from Cunhinga.