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Angola started electoral registration, which expects to register more than 12 million citizens

The minister of Territory Administration appealed to all Angolans of voting age in the next general elections of 2022 to join the unofficial electoral registration process, which started this Thursday in the country.

: António Ambrósio/DW
António Ambrósio/DW  

Marcy Lopes was speaking at the launch of the campaign, which will run until March 2022 and hopes to have in its database more than 12 million voters, a process with an expense of around 120 billion kwanzas.

The process will be carried out by the Government, initially, through 84 one-stop shops serving the public, which should reach a total of 596 infrastructures, by November this year, across the country.

According to the minister, the unofficial electoral registration aims to ensure that all senior citizens, with passive electoral capacity, can update their electoral register to exercise their right to vote in the 2022 general elections.

"We ask for the collaboration of all those present, in order to mobilize, raise awareness, promote a civic campaign of proximity, by ear, for all those people we know, friends, family, co-workers, so that they can update and achieve our database the largest number of Angolan citizens and have a truly integrative base that reflects the global, the real universe of Angolan citizens voters," said Marcy Lopes.

The government official pointed out that in this undertaking, in addition to the Ministry of Territory Administration, other sectors of the Government are associated, because this "task is gigantic, both in terms of operations and in terms of logistics".

For electoral registration abroad, where the registration of 450 thousand citizens in 57 countries and 77 diplomatic missions is expected, the Government scheduled its start in January of next year, which should run until March 31, 2022.