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Health Minister warns: "More people are dying in the last days of covid-19 than from malaria"

The Minister of Health, Sílvia Lutucuta, informed that the country is recording in recent days more deaths from covid-19 than from malaria, leaving an appeal to the population to continue to comply with prevention measures, including the use of masks. and hand washing.


"More people are dying in the last days of covid-19 than from malaria. This is the time for us to reflect, a deep introspection about our behavior or attitude in relation to individual and collective protection. These are simple measures such as use correct mask, frequent hand washing, distance between people," said the minister.

Regarding gatherings, the responsible for the Health Ministry said that there is an abnormal behavior, with many people not complying with the use of masks, several large family gatherings, parties, gatherings on the beaches and other activities on public roads that do not help to contain the disease.

"If we do not comply with the measures established in the various Decrees of the State of Calamity, unfortunately we will lose the gains we have obtained throughout this entire struggle," she lamented, in a government statement to which VerAngola had access.

The minister also said that the Multisectoral Commission has been regularly monitoring the evolution of patients in the various health units and found that they were affected by the third wave. In a group of over 500 hospitalized patients, including children, only one died, even though he was vaccinated, because he had other serious illnesses.

"We've been screening in schools and we've found cases of covid-19 in children," she warned.

The minister recalled that the country had its first vacancy in October 2020, with 5635 confirmed cases, of which 99 deaths and 2472 recovered. The second wave had its peak in May, when the country had 7899 confirmed cases, of which 198 died and 3703 recovered.

"We want to say that, from one wave to another, the situation has been getting worse. We are still on the ascending curve and in an accelerated way, and we are already in 14,459 cases, 549 deaths and 10,881 recovered cases", he referred.

In this last wave, according to the minister, the country has triple the number of cases in relation to the previous waves, with the Alfa, Beta and Delta variants, which circulate throughout the country, contributing to this galloping growth.

Sílvia Lutucuta reinforced the information that the new variants are more deadly and affect people of any age and gender, with or without comorbidities. "Unlike the initial variant, these new variants can infect more than nine people. We need to vaccinate at least 100,000 people a day nationwide to achieve our goal of vaccinating at least 60 percent of the eligible population." , he stressed.

By December, the Government intends to vaccinate 7.8 million inhabitants over 18 years of age.
Finally, Sílvia Lutucuta appealed to the population to adhere to vaccination, as it is an important weapon in the fight against covid-19.