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Bailiffs to wait until Friday for changes to submitted proposals

The Union of Judicial Officers of Angola (SOJA), which plans to strike, will wait until Friday for improvements to a pre-agreement presented by the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSMJ), the secretary general told Lusa Tuesday.


Joaquim Teixeira referred that, on Monday, SOJA was invited by the CSMJ to appreciate the pre-agreement and after analyzing it was understood that the matter in the document did not satisfy the complaints presented.

"So we asked them to make an improvement to what is in the pre-agreement and we will wait until Friday," he said.

According to Joaquim Teixeira, one of the points on which they disagree has to do with the 'timings' and some clauses.

"The question of the promotion of the officers and the entry of the officers we ask them to change," he stressed.

The strike by the judicial officers should have started on Monday, but the CSMJ called the union to a meeting, which was held Monday, for negotiations between the partners.

A set of demands was presented in April of this year to the CSMJ, with claims for improved working conditions, revision of the regulations on the remuneration statute, entry and promotion, missing allowances for bailiffs, and health insurance, but of the nine claims only one was heeded.

The first phase of the strike, scheduled from the 6th to the 10th of this month, would cover the first instance courts.